Hi, I'm Ryan Singer. This is Felt Presence, where I write about UI design and product management.

I've been getting to the bottom of things at Basecamp for over ten years. We make easy-to-understand software products that businesses use to communicate and manage their work.

I do things like:

  • Design user interfaces
  • Create product concepts
  • Lead product teams
  • Invent better ways to manage design and development

I believe:

  • Interface design should drive product development because it's what people actually use.
  • New insights appear at any stage of a project, so the development process should optimize for change.
  • UI is software, so designers should know how to program.

Here are some articles I've written:

... and some older ones:

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I've given talks on design and product development to teams and conference audiences throughout the world. Here are some talks from recent years.

Teaching Product Management at Mind the Product
Mind the Product, San Francisco 2015
See the slides

Managing Product Development with Vertically Integrated Scopes
Online only, Chicago 2013

A Tour of the Design Process at 37signals
Future of Web Design, London 2010

Weaving Design & Development
WindyCityRails, Chicago 2010

Designing with Forces
The School of Visual Arts, MFA in Interaction Design, New York City 2010