Ryan Singer

Head of Product Strategy, Basecamp

The Place of UX
A technical piece on where UX belongs in an organization. How to locate UX at the boundary between supply and demand and how that boundary arises at each point in the value network. 2019.

Real Work vs. Imaginary Work
Why surprises come up late in a project and how to validate assumptions step by step during the "uphill" phase. 2018.

Products Are Functions
A rigorous approach to defining what a product does and setting requirements that properly frame the opportunity. 2018.

New in Basecamp: See where projects really stand with the Hill Chart
Announcement post for the Hill Chart feature. Demonstrates and explains how we track movement on projects from unknown to known and known to done. 2018.

Running in Circles: Why Agile Isn't Working and What We Do Differently
Three things we do to ship at Basecamp: dedicate resources, keep scope flexible and track uncertainty with the hill chart. 2017.

Position, Position, Position!
On product strategy and design trade-offs. 2017.

The Fidelity Curve
How to weigh the costs and benefits of different levels of fidelity when doing mockups and prototyping. 2016.

On Design Forces
Untangle design conversations into the forces bearing on the design, the solutions under consideration, and the fitness between the two. 2015.

Managing Product Development by Integrating Around Concerns
Essential product management technique. How to map a project out and track progress on the pieces. 2012.

UI and Capability
How to think about the purpose of a product. 2012.

What UI Really Is (and How UX Confuses Matters)
A simpler definition of UI design. 2013.

Vital Elements of the Product Design Process
Three major areas to debug when you're trying to get a product right. 2013.

A Shorthand for Designing UI Flows
A fast way to sketch user flows for complex projects. 2009.

An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design
People tell me this oldie changed the way they think. 2004.